The first and OG permanent jewellery destination on the Gold Coast! Delicate bracelets and anklets in 9K solid gold, soldered without a clasp, forever around your wrist or ankle with a quick and painless zap of light. Think adult friendship bracelets with your bestie, sis, boyf, or mum! A forever bond™. Book your appointment here! 

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Lets chat permanent jewellery....

What is it?
Permanent jewellery is custom fit and soldered together with no clasp, designed to stay on you forever (or for as long as your heart desires)! For those not scared of commitment, to symbolise a special moment in time, a relationship, or self love! The meaning will be unique to the wearer. 

What are they made of?
Our permanent jewellery is made
 from 9K solid gold, so these babies will glisten forever. You will have the choice of 9K solid yellow gold, 9K white gold, and 9K rose gold.

What does it cost?
It depends on the style of chain you choose and if you are wanting a permanent bracelet or permanent anklet. The prices are as follows: 

Plain Fine Chain
Bracelet (9K Yellow Gold)   $180
Bracelet (9K Rose Gold)     $180
Bracelet (9K White Gold)    $180
Anklet (9K Yellow Gold)      $230
Anklet (9K Rose Gold)        $230
Anklet (9K White Gold)       $230

Snake Chain
Bracelet (9K Yellow Gold)   $210
Anklet (9K Yellow Gold)      $260

Link Chain
Bracelet (9K Yellow Gold)   $230
Bracelet (9K White Gold)    $230
Anklet (9K Yellow Gold)      $280
Anklet (9K White Gold)       $280

Figaro Chain
Bracelet (18K Yellow Gold)   $240
Anklet (18K Yellow Gold)      $290

Cuban Chain
Bracelet (9K Yellow Gold)   $260
Anklet (9K Yellow Gold)      $320

Mama and Mini Permanent Bracelets start at $310 for the two. 

We do require a $50 non-refundable deposit to secure your booking, which will be deducted from your jewellery cost on the day. 

Can I add pendants to the chain?
Yes, the below come in both solid 9K yellow gold and 9K white gold (our initial pendants only come in yellow gold). They are $60 each, and subject to availability.

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Is it painful?
Not one bit! It is a quick and painless flash of light that welds the links together instantly. Magic! 

How long does it take?
It is super quick, we allow 20 minutes per person, per piece. If you are wanting two pieces or wanting it done with a friend, please book two consecutive appointments. 

Can you remove them?
Although designed to be permanent, you can remove them by simply cutting the chain with a pair of household scissors. We can also re-weld your bracelet back on for you for $30, just shoot us an email.

How long does permanent jewellery last?
Being solid gold, they will sparkle for a lifetime. Meaning you can wear them in the ocean, chlorine, shower, and for everyday wear. The best kind of no-fuss jewellery!

Will permanent jewellery be an issue travelling through airport security?
Nope! You can relax, you won't be setting off any metal detectors through airport security as the are made of solid gold.

Where are you located?
We are the first Gold Coast Permanent Jewellery destination, and will be offering our permanent jewellery at the Sun House Studio in Burleigh Heads.

Is there an age minimum?
No! Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Can my friends and I get our permanent jewellery done together?
Yes, everything is more fun with your besties. Simply book multiple time slots one after the other to share the memories of your forever bond

Can I get matching with my mini?
Yes - cuteness overload! We do a Mama and Mini package that starts at $300 (depending on chain choice) for the two bracelets. Little ones just need to be able to sit still. Due to the nature of growing limbs they won't last as long as an adult's permanent jewellery. 

Do you do permanent jewellery parties?
Hi party people! Yes! Celebrate special milestones, hens parties, birthdays, graduations, work events and girls nights with this one-of-a-kind experience! Grab a bunch of your girlfriends and get a forever bond™ together! Bookings require a minimum of 5 people, and we will come to you.

Can I purchase a permanent jewellery giftcard?
Of course! You can find our gift cards here, choose your amount and once you purchase, your virtual gift card will be emailed to you. Just make sure you bring the gift card voucher code with you to redeem it at your permanent jewellery appointment.

Okay, count me in, how do I book!?
You can book your permanent jewellery appointment here!