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Free Gold Zodiac Constellation Pendant

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Who doesn't love gazing up at the night sky and connecting the dots to form shapes you've once been told about or creating your own!? These collections in the sky likely originated as important instruments to help people mark the time of year. Your star sign is determined by which zodiac constellation the Sun is in front of at the time of your birth! Purchase on a chain or on its own. Tarnish resistant & safe for sensitive skin.

Zodiac Star Sign Dates:
Aquarius Dates: January 21-February 18
Pisces Dates: February 19-March 20
Aries Dates: March 21-April 19
Taurus Dates: April 20-May 20
Gemini Dates: May 21-June 20
Cancer Dates: June 21-July 22
Leo Dates: July 23-August 22
Virgo Dates: August 23-September 22
Libra Dates: September 23-October 22
Scorpio Dates: October 23-November 21
Sagittarius Dates: November 22-December 21
Capricorn Dates: December 21-January 20

Materials: 14k gold over sterling silver
Dimensions: 1.1cm diameter charm


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